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Dental Treatment in Brazil

Welcome to São Paulo

We often receive patients who are seeking for dental treatment. Traveling or working in Sao Paulo, sometimes visiting others living and decide to go to the dentist. Currently the difference in the exchange rate Euro-dollar for brazilian currencies, benefits brazilian dental treatment.

Instituto Oral Itaim has an excellent team, only specialists, with academic and practical experience, also we have the most innovative equipments and materials.  We can help you with your travel schedule and accomodations, if needed.

Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide Sedation)

At Instituto Oral we are able to do any dental treatment with the laughing gas, largely used in the US, so that the patient remains relaxed throughout the procedure. It is especially suitable for people with fear of dental treatments and surgery procedures.

Dentist schedule

Patients with limited time can now carry out dental treatments in a fast or personalized manner.. The concept of Day-Dental Clinic, that involves the realization of a greater number of procedures in a single day or a few days, also quick appointments lunch-time or evening, saturday sessions, we adpat to each patient needs. The procedures and visits are always optimized to reduce the time of dental treatment.

Most dental treatments can be performed in one day treatment, Including procedures like dental implants, cosmetic treatment, by planning ahead. This format is suitable for executives, tourists, travelers, resident or non-Sao Paulo-SP Brazil.

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